Stain resistant carpet that really is clean & easy

Modern life makes greater demands on the carpets in your home. Today’s busy lifestyles need a carpet that not only looks good – but performs under the most arduous conditions, SCS Endurance stain resistant carpet range is manufactured with this in mind.

Made using specially developed high-quality polypropylene fibres – this range of carpets feel soft and luxurious and are completely practical.

Their stain resistant properties mean that spills or stains literally ‘sit’ on the surface waiting for you to clean or simply blot away using household kitchen roll.

You can even use household bleach for those really stubborn stains, without marking your carpet, so you can enjoy your new home in the confidence that your beautiful new carpet can take all of life’s strains without any of the stains.

So to enjoy an active and carefree lifestyle – choose a stain resistant carpet with 100% bleach cleanable polypropylene.